Ramakrishna Mission Residential College

An Autonomous College under University of Calcutta

College with Potential for Excellence(CPE)


The Department of Physics was opened in Ramakrishna Mission Residential college, Narendrapur with Honours affiliation from the very beginning in the year 1960. Prof. Krishnapada Ghosh from Scottish Church College joined this college as the Head of the Department. Then, almost simultaneously, joined other senior professors like Shri Abalakanta Choudhuri from Bankura Christan College, Sri Bhabani Bhattacharya from Surendranath College, Sri Kulada Prasad Roy Choudhury from Burdwan Raj College and Sri Himangshu Bimal Dey from Rajshahi University. At this stage, Prof. K. P.Ghosh began to organise the Department. He arranged to have a workshop equipped with a lathe machine and other fitting tools. Gradually the different B.Sc. Pass and Honours experiments were carried out in the Laboratory. Sri Babaji Barik, Sri Bibhuti Naskar, Sri Sadhan Bhattacharya, Sri Rakhal Pal were selected as Laboratory bearers and Sri Chandi Charan Pramanik as departmental office staff. All of them have rendered commendable and praiseworthy services.

Meanwhile, Prof. Jogendra Nath Chakraborty joined the college in May 1964 from Tamluk College when Revered Swami Mumukshanandaji Maharaj was the Principal of tN'GhoSa|he College. Along with teaching, Prof. Chakraborty used to spend his off-time mostly in doing research at Jadavpur University. In the year 1966, he received the Ph.D.(Sc) degree. After the retirement of Prof. K. P. Ghosh and subsequently Prof. B. Bhattacharya, Dr. J. N. Chakraborty became the Head of the Department in the year 1967 and continued in that position till he retired in 1995.

Dr. Chakraborty arranged to decorate the outer walls of the Department with portraits of world-famous Scientists like Prof. Jagadish Chandra Bose, Meghnad Saha, Satyendra Nath Bose, C. V. Raman, Albert Einstein, Heisenberg with brief biographical notes on them. The Seminar Library was equipped with up-to-date text books, advanced books of high standard, research books and a few journals for reference. Sophisticated instruments like Michelson interferometer with Febry Perot attachment, Babinets' compensator, High frequency Oscillometer etc. were purchased under college science improvement programme, and with UGC assistance and assistance from Danforth Foundation at that time. The seminar lectures by the students as well as by famous professors like Prof. S. N. Ghosal, Shyamal Sengupta, B. B. Baliga were arranged every year. The academic record of the Department was high-profile with a large number of first classes every year and top ranks in university examinations most of the time, the tradition being maintained throughout.

Eventually, several young teachers—Dr. Ratan Lal Sarkar, Dr. Chandra Sekhar Roy, Dr. Asoke Bose, Dr. Arabinda Nag, Dr. Anandamoy Manna, Dr. Dhiraj Sardar, Dr. Prasanta Bhattacharya and many others joined the Dept. and served it for some years before taking up teaching assignments in different universities in India and abroad.

Then again young professors Sri Parimal Sengupta, Dr. Dipak Bhaumik, Dr. Mahadeb Das Khan, Sri Samaresh Chakraborty, Dr. Shibdas Bardhan Roy and Dr. Arun Kumar Tewari joined. They stayed back and nourished the Department. It became a unique combination of the young and old. Prof. U. S. Khan also helped the Department in many ways. At this juncture, Prof. H. N. Bose, Sri M. M. Ghosh, Sri S. R. Dash, Sri J. Dhar, Sri S. B. Dutta, Sri K. M. Sengupta, Sri S. K. Bose and many others joined in as Guest professors.

In order to create an atmosphere of experimental research work, an air glow laboratory was set up on the roof of the college. Our ex-student Sri Subrata Kumar Midya did his Ph.D. degree working in this laboratory. Our ex-student and professor of our college Sri Dipak Bhaumik obtained Ph.D. (Sc) degree from Jadavpur University under the guidance of Dr. Jogendra Nath Chakraborty in the year 2001. While teaching in our college Sri Mahadeb Das Khan obtained his doctorate degree. 

After the retirement of Dr. J. N. Chakraborty, Prof. Parimal Sengupta became the Head of the Department in 1995. In his period, the post-graduate course in Physics was started in the year 2006. We have at present Condensed Matter Physics as Special paper and Astrophysics as an elective paper. Most of the theoretical classes in Astrophysics are being taken in collaboration with Indian Centre for Space Physics, Kolkata.

Right now, the faculty consists of Dr. Debabrata Das, Dr. Malay Purkait, Dr. Tapas Kumar Ghosh, Dr. Soumen Mondal, Dr. Sobhan SOunda and Sri Kaushik Sarkar Dr.J.C. Mahto,Sri S. Bhunia, Sri Amit Roy. Apart from that, a few retired professors from different colleges and universities and eminent professors from different institutes like CU,JU,IACS, SINP etc. take classes in our department regularly in PG sections.

Regarding the present research activities of the department, Dr. M. Purkait has got a research grant from CSIR, DST and UGC. Dr. D. Das, Dr. T. K. Ghosh and Dr. S. Sounda have also got research grants from UGC (minor).

It is a great pleasure that the Syndicate of University of Calcutta in its meeting held on 07.10.2015 approved the Regulations called the Vivekananda Centre for Research at Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous), Narendrapur, affiliated to University of Calcutta, (Regulations for the Degree of doctor of Philosophy, Ph.D), Regulations 2015. It will encourage our facility members to guide more members of research scholars for Ph.D. degree.Research activities are going on in full swing in our department. Thrust areas of research are Quantum – classical collision theory, Black hole Astrophysics: - Hydrodynamics, Accretion Physics, GTR and Gravitational Waves, Quantum optics, Nano-Science. Faculties are getting funds on a regular basis from several institutions such as Department of Science and Technology, University Grants Commission, Council of Scientific and Industrial research etc.

Dr. R. Samanta, presently working in our department as an Assistant professor on a permanent basis against leave vacancy, received the doctoral degree of Jadavpur University in the late 2014. Dr. Samanta's research on "Theoretical Investigations on inelastic .processes in ion-ion/atom collisions at intermediate and high energies" was supervised by our faculty member Dr. M. Purkait. Some of our faculties are doing their research work in collaboration with other institutes such as TIFR(Mumbai), IUCCA(Pune), IACS(Kolkata), Central University (Hydrabad), Jadavpur University(Kolkata), Cotton College State University (Guwahati), Vivekananda University (Belur) etc. For collaborative research work our faculties make frequent visit to the institutions in nation and abroad.

Research: Thrust Area

Theoretical Quantum optics, Gravitational wave, Relativistic accretion processes, Radiative processes, Nano structured device, Spintronics, Solar cell, Atomic and molecular physics



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Faculty List of Physics

Photo Name & Qualification Telephone No. & Email ID
Full Time
Dr. Debabrata Das  Dr. Debabrata Das
(Head of the Dept.)
M.Sc., Ph.D
Dr. Malay Purkait
 Dr. Malay Purkait
M.Sc., Ph.D

Dr. Soumen Mondal
Dr. Soumen Mondal
M.Sc., Ph.D
Dr. Tapas Kumar Ghosh   Dr. Tapas Kumar Ghosh
M.Sc., Ph.D

Dr. Sobhan Sounda
Dr. Sobhan Sounda
M.Sc., Ph.D

Prof. Koushik Sarkar
 Prof. Koushik Sarkar

 Dr. Jagadish Ch. Mahato

 Swapan Bhunia

 Amit Ray

Guest Faculties
Image not available  Prof. Samaresh Chakraborty
Retd. RKM Residential College 
Image not available Dr. S. Bardhan Roy
Retd. RKM Residential College 
Dr. Arun Kumar Tewari
 Dr. Arun Kumar Tewari
(Retd.) M.Sc., Ph.D 
Image not available   Prof. Asit Banerjee
Retd. J.U.
Image not available Dr. Debanarayan Jana 
Image not available Dr. Sourish Banerjee
Image not available  Prof. Indra Dasgupta
IACS Jadavpur
Image not available Prof. Raja Paul
IACS Jadavpur 
Image not available Dr. B. Bagchi
Retd. C.U. 
Image not available Prof. D. DasGupta
NBU (Retd.) 
Image not available Dr. Bhaskar Bhattacharya
New Alipur College 
Image not available  Prof. Sandip Chakraborty
Image not available  Dr. Ankan Das
Image not available  Dr. Dipak Debnath
Image not available Prof. Biswajit Chakraborty
SNBNCBS, Salt Lake 
Image not available  Prof. Nikhil Chakraborty
Image not available Dr. Dirtha Sanyal
VECC, Kolkata 
Image not available  Dr. Joydeep Chaudhuri  
Image not available Dr. Subhankar Ghosh
St. Xavier's College 
Image not available  Dr. Sounak Palit
St. Xavier's College
Image not available  Dr. Sukriti Ghosh
Shibpur Dinabandhu College
Image not available Dr. Animesh Das
Sreegoal Banerjee College 
Image not available Dr. A. Tribedi
Sushil Kar College 
Image not available Dr. Abhijit Poddar
Surendranath Evening College 
Image not available Mr. Prasanta Nandy
Retd. C.U. 
Image not available Mr. N. Haldar
M.Sc., B.Tech. 
Image not available Mr. C. Sarkar
Image not available  Dr. Rakesh Samanta
M.Sc., Ph.D.
Bhupen Biswas Chair


Board of Studies

1.  Dr. Debabrata Das  Member
2.  Dr. Malay Purkait Member
3.  Dr. Soumen Mondal
4.  Dr. Tapas Kr. Ghosh  Member 
5.  Dr. Sobhan Sounda  Member
6.  Prof . Koushik Sarkar  Member
7.  Dr. Jagadish Ch. Mahato 
8.  Swapan Bhunia
9.  Amit Ray  
10.  Dr. Sounak Palit

Department of Physics
St. Xavier's College
30,Mother Teresa Sarani
Kolkata-700 016


(Subject Expert) 

11.  Prof. Dipali Banerjee

Department of Physics
Bengal Engineering & Science University
Howrah -711103


(Subject Expert)

12.  Prof. Subinoy Dasgupta

Department of Physics
University of Calcutta
92, A.P.C. Road
Kolkata-700 009


(VC's Nominee)

13.  Dr. Debnarayan Jana

Department of Physics
University College of Science
92, A.P.C. Road
Kolkata-700 009


(College Alumnus) 

14.  Mr. Jyotirmay Bhowmik

CEO, DPSC Limited
Plot No. X - 1, 2 & 3, Block - EP,
Sector - V, Salt Lake, Kol-91


(Industry Representative)

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