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College with Potential for Excellence(CPE)

Compulsory Courses

The General Departments, came into being in phases since 1960. Over a period of fifty years, these Departments have contributed, in no small measure, to the enrichment of the tradition of academic excellence of the College.

The subjects taught by the faculty members of the General Departments belong to Humanities and Social Sciences. All these subjects are taught only upto General level as subsidiaries of the Honours Programme. However, in special cases, the Departments share the advanced facilities available with other Departments of the College.

All the faculty members of the General Depts. update themselves for discharging their teaching and research responsibilities by attending Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses organized by the Administrative Staff College of the affiliating University and of the other Universities in India and also Seminars, Conferences, Workshops organized at Stte, National and International levels as well as such programmes organized at the College level.

Students are assessed through various examinations centrally conducted by the College. A part from this system, teachers arrange for 'class-tests' and 'Surprise tests' in their respective subjects. Students' seminars and group-discussion sessions are also organized to assess the overall progress and academic standing of the students. The Dept. of Political Science organises Personality Development Classes for the 2nd year students through conversations in English, extempore lectures, personal interviews, and group-discussion-sessions which help enhance their employability in the Corporate Sector. The faculty member of the Political Science Dept. aims at developing leadership concept among the students in formal and informal ways. Being incharge of the Placement Cell, he has been liaising between the students and the Corporate Houses of West Bengal. Students are encouraged to assess themselves and bring their weaknesses to the notice of the teachers concerned to enable them to chalk out and plan enrichment and/or remedial courses in accordance with the students' individual needs.

The college administration has extended computer and internet facilities to these Departments which have two computers and students have access to internet facilities. Under the supervision of the Political Science Dept., special classes for Professional Courses started on & from February, 2011. The 3rd year and U.G. pass-outs are eligible to attend. In addition, the Tata Consultancy Services has agreed to train our 3rd-year students in Functional English. This course is conducted under the supervision of the Political Science Department. All these courses are offered free of cost.

The present faculty members of the General Departments pay their homage to those distinguished former teachers but for whom the college could not have attained its present stature. Their contributions to the well-being of the college in general and these Departments in particular will always be remembered gratefully. They are Dr. Shantimoy Shil (Political Science—retired from CU), Dr. Pradyot Banerjee (Sanskrit), (the Late) Dr. Ramendra Narayan Sarkar (Bengali), Dr. Gobinda Sarkar (Bengali), Dr. Prosit Roychoudhury (Bengali), and the Late Ananta Rana (Bengali), Sri Haran Bhattacharyya (Philosophy). In addition, some renowned teachers like Dr. Dipankar Sinha (Political Science, now in CU), Sri Ujjawal Choudhury (Political Science,. now in Symbiosis), Dr. Sanjit Kr. Sadhukhan (Sanskrit, now in RBU), Sri Prolayankar Bhattacharyya (Philosophy, now in CU) also deserve our respect and gratitude, for serving these Departments at different points of time.

Political Science

Faculty of Political Science

Photo Name & Qualification Telephone No. & Email ID
Sri Achintyam Chatterjee

Mr. Achintyam Chatterjee




Faculty of Bengali

Photo Name & Qualification Telephone No. & Email ID
Sri Pranab Kumar Sarkar

Mr. Pranab Kumar Sarkar 

M.A., Phil



Faculty of Sanskrit

Photo Name & Qualification Telephone No. & Email ID
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 Dr. Narayana Dash




Faculty of Philosophy

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Mr. Arnab Kumar Mukherjee 




Indian Culture & Value Education

To make our students not only aware of but also respectful to our heritage and tradition, courses of Indian Culture and Value Education have been made part and parcel of the academic curriculum from the very inception of this institution. In the weekly classes that are held on this subject, special emphasis is laid on the diverse nature of our culture which is a rich mosaic of many fascinating races, creeds and religions. At the end of each academic session, the students are evaluated through exams on the courses taught. Special prizes are awarded to the students on the basis of their performance. The whole process is mediated mainly by the monastic members associated with the college.

Faculties of Indian Culture & Value Education

Photo Name Email ID
Swami Sarvagananda
Swami Sarvagananda 

Swami Bhudevananda
Swami Bhudevananda 

Swami Krishnanathananda
Swami Krishnanathananda


Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies (ENVS) is a compulsory subject in undergraduate courses for both Arts & Science students. UGC norms & the guidelines framed by the University of Calcutta related to ENVS study are categorically followed in designing the curriculum. The subject carries 100 marks for UG students in the 3rd & the 4th semesters. A single theory paper of 50 marks is allotted to the 3rd semester. In the 4th semester the curriculum is divided into a theory paper of 25 marks and the preparation of a ‘Field Record Book’ of 25 marks. To qualify each student has to secure minimum 30% marks.

Basically the course includes major environmental concepts, outline ideas of different natural resources, general biodiversity studies, different causes of pollutions and their remedies, major environmental laws, species populations & their relation with environment. Field work mainly comprises the study of local fauna & flora along with an educational excursion either to river plains or to forest belts or to wetlands and likewise.

Faculties of Environmental Studies

Photo Name Email ID
Prof. N.C. Maity

Prof. N.C. Maity


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