Ramakrishna Mission Residential College

An Autonomous College under University of Calcutta

College with Potential for Excellence(CPE)



The Department of Physics was opened in Ramakrishna Mission Residential lege, Narendrapur with Honours affiliation from the very beginning in the year 1960. Prof. Krishnapada Ghosh from Scottish Church College joined this college as the Head of the Department.



The Department of Chemistry of Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur, came into existence in July, 1960. The then Secretary of the Ashrama, Swami Lokeswarananda was dreaming of a degree college, motivated by the ideals of Swami Vivekananda.



The Department of Mathematics came into being in 1960. Fifty years down the line, it has had much to feel happy about. It has had a faculty committed to the cause of excellence and also students—scores of them—who have brought glory to it by their brilliant academic performance.


Computer Science

Though young in age, the Dept. has made much headway since its inception, under the able guidance of Swami Bhudebananda, MBA Ph.D., a young, and remarkably energetic monk, who is also Principal of the college. The following resume will give an overview of the Dept.



Though Statistics was taught as a pass subject as early as 1960, the Dept. of Statistics emerged as an Honours Department a couple of years later. Ever since, it has had many achievements to its credit, particularly in respect of academic performance by its students in University exams.



The Department of History came into existence in the year 1960 and started functioning w.e.f. the academic session 1960-61. Initially, the college obtained affiliation in History to the B.A. Pass standard only (vide Calcutta University letter no: C-2306/160 [AR] dated 23.05.1960).



Nestling close to lush bougainvillea sprays that are a delight to the eye, the Department of English has a beautiful setting, with the inner and outer walls of its classrooms displaying portraits of the greats of English literature—Shakespeare, Milton and George Bernard Shaw et al.



The Department of Economics was born with four sister Departments of the College in 1960. From the outset, it was an Honours Dept. The list of full-time faculty of the Dept. since its inception included/includes Sri Panchanan Chakraborty,



The General Departments, came into being in phases since 1960. Over a period of fifty years, these Departments have contributed, in no small measure, to the enrichment of the tradition of academic excellence of the College.


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