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Hostels of the college students

Students' Home (Hostel-Brahmananda Bhavana):

The college hostel

There are at present three hostels under the supervision of the college. These are called Students' Homes because attempts are made to create a homely atmosphere there. Although fellow-feeling, goodwill and understanding form the basis of life at such homes, strict discipline is maintained simultaneously. Students admitted to the college are accommodated in any one of the homes at the discretion of the authorities. This being an entirely residential institution, the students' homes are an integral part of the college and the rules, regulations etc. obtaining there are binding on all students of the college.

Students' Home (Hostel-Gouranga Bhavana):

The college hostel

The college being fully residential, students have to stay at hostels where the ideal of meaningful corporate life based on love, fellow-feeling and understanding prevails. At these hostels, monks play a crucial role in maintaining a bracing atmosphere of harmony and seeing to it that students under their charge are bound and welded into togetherness by a love that transcends all barriers of caste and creed.


Students' Home (Hostel-Ramakrishnananda Bhavana):

Hostel-Ramakrishnananda Bhavana

Food: The food is simple and nutritious; both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals and tiffin are provided.


Students' Home (Hostel-Adbhutananda Bhavana):

Hostel-Adbhutananda Bhavana






Library and Reading room

Library and Reading roomThere is a General library in the College with a highly rich collection of books for the pupils of both PG & UG. It has a wing named 'Text-Book Library' from which books are lent to students on a long-term basis. In addition, each Honours department of the college has a 'Seminar Library' separately consisting of text and reference books.

Moreover there is a big Central Library in the Ashrama campus which supplements the facilities enjoyed by the teachers and students through their sectional libraries.

  • Total no. of books (up to March 2013) : 81,748
  • The no. of books issued last year(April 2012 - March 2013) by staffs & students : 14083
  • Daily attendance in the Reading Room in average(April 2012 - March 2013) : 50
  • The no. of Periodicals subscribed (up to March 2013) : 49
  • The no. of newspaper purchased (up to March 2013) : 5

The Central Library and Reading Room:

  • Central LibraryRamakrishna Mission Central Library is opened to the common people for the fulfillment of the widely felt need of the locality, especially of the student community.
  • It is a public library in true sense.
  • The library possessed 70,638 books (for University as well as general) as on 31.03.2013 along with a rich collection of rare books and manuscripts.
  • The number of available Journals is 64 amongst which 33 journals come under the regular subscription of the library.
  • There are 3512 numbers of bound volumes of Periodicals.
  • The library issued 22,674 books last year to its 1100 borrowers (approx.).
  • There is a well maintained set up for 75 readers in the 'Reading Room' to sit and read individually at a time and presently the regular attendance of readers is around 85.

The Working Hours of the Central library:

  • Tuesday to Saturday: 10.00 A.M. - 05.00 P.M.
  • Sunday: 09.00 A.M. - 12.00 Noon.
  • Monday closed.


Multigym Facility

Multigym-FacilityA twelve station Multigym was installed at the Brahmananda Bhavana kitchen complex for the benefit of the boys. Our Secretary Maharaj, Swami Asaktanandaji Maharaj consecrated it on April 26, 2001. The students are encouraged to use this facility to keep their physique healthy for their all-round development. Regular training is imparted to the students to develop their skills in physical exercises.



Sports and Games

SportsGames & Sports, Social Service (N.S.S.) and N.C.C. : Regular training is given to the students to develop skills in sports, physical exercises and athletics. They played a number of friendly football, cricket and table tennis matches and participated in several tournaments under C.A.B. and C.U. in 2001-2001. In February - March, the college hosted the Second Inter-Non-Govt. College Football & Athletic Championship at the district and zonal level and was also the joint organiser of the said tournament at the state level which was held in Yuva Bharati Krirangan, Salt Lake. The Ashrama has a big standard stadium and a well-equipped gymnasium in addition to the playgrounds where the tournaments are held.

The College has a playground where the students take part in football, cricket, annual sports and the like. Awards are given for every event to encourage the students. The Sports Section of the College duly takes care regarding the arrangement of regular practice, going for outside tournaments, inter-College matches etc.

   The N.C.C. unit of the college has earned praise from many quarters. On Independence Day, 34 N.C.C. cadets declared their wish and pledged their eyes to the Nation. Voluntary Blood Donation Camps are held once a year in which about 200 students donate blood. Social service camps are held in rural areas where students and teachers work in collaboration with local youth.


Medical Care of The Ashrama

The-DispensaryThe Ashrama has a well-equipped hospital (Arogya Bhavana) with 27 beds. Qualified doctors are in regular attendance, and some specialists visit every week. Outdoor treatment is offered everyday and when necessary, the boys are admitted to the hospital for indoor care. There is a free charitable dispensary attached to the hospital which looks after the health of local Harijan population.







The College Canteen serves quality food to the students, guardians, teachers and staff-members at reasonable prices. The canteen is supported by the college in its maintenance and it caters to the necessary requirements.



Students & teachers can find for themselves a suitable medium of self-expression in the pages of the college magazine 'Abhih' which reflects the evidences of their productive thinking in different fields. Many a time it is been enriched by the contribution of the eminent Monks of Ramakrishna Order also.

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