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Swami Sarvagananda (Secretary)The universal message of  Swami Vivekananda is taking wide spread everyday not withstanding any kind of resistance from the world of fanatics. In this age of Information Technology it is the faculty of reasoning which man currently relies upon and the truth of Vedanta is in concordance with perfect reasoning only. Therefore, the universal message of Vedanta that was preached by Swami Vivekananda is certainly the way of the future. In other words, one may become a good student through the study of Vedanta, a doctor may become a good doctor, and an engineer may become a better engineer through the study of Vedanta which teaches the world to go beyond fear or to become fearless, Abhih. This is what our target through Higher Education, not of course casting aside the need of earning livelihood and having a comfortable social living enriched with high ethical values through the development of modern science.  Swamiji opined that a harmonious synthesis of Indian spirituality & Western science is needed for our sustenance of the future world. This is indeed our students should understand and the monastic and non monastic staff members of our Residential College are engaged in translating this idea into reality as far as practicable. 

I wish let everybody join hands for this noble cause.

Yours in the service of the Lord, 
(Swami Sarvagananda) 

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