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Department of Chemistry

Dr. Prasanta Ghosh

Area: Inorganic Chemistry.

Focused on:

  • Coordination Chemistry of Organic Radicals.
  • Photo Induced Electron Transfer Reactions.

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Department of Physics

1. Dr. Malay Purkait, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics

Recent Research Works in our lab:

Electron emission from atoms and molecules by impact of ions has been a matter of active research in the last few decades, due to its immense importance in different areas like atmospheric, plasma and biological physics. At present water molecule, nitrogen, oxygen, methane etc has a large practical interest in collision processes with positron, electron and proton beams. Because a large percentage of living tissue is water, all medical diagnosis and treatment methods need precise cross section data for the water molecule in collisions with charged particles impact.One of the major motivation of the study on ion-molecules interaction is to find out the total ionization cross sections along with TDCS and DDCS in the framework of distorted wave method. It is well known that the Gaussian program which uses a multi-centre wavefunction is not generally suitable for the calculation of differential cross sections (DDCS) for ionization since it involves the evaluation of many rather complicated multicentre integrals and consequently, only simple molecules can be treated with ab initio quantum models. Elaborate theoretical calculation is not available to support the total ionization cross sections including DDCS and TDCS electron emission spectrum. Under the circumstances, we are also motivated to study the TDCS and DDCS on the ion impact ionization of the molecule. This is one of the goal of my recent theoretical work. When many active electrons are involved in ion-atom collisions, one has to face the question of the influence of electronic correlations on the magnitude of the process. Due to the rapid expansion of computer facilities, increasing theoretical attention has been paid in the last ten years to atomic collisions involving many-electron process. So another aim of the proposed project is to search for evidence of dynamic electron correlation effects on double and single charge transfer processes with the help of distorted wave theory.

1. Project proposal granted by DST very recently entitled "Ionization of molecules by ion impact and the importance of correlations on charge transfer process at intermediate and high energies. "
Reference NO.: SR/S2/LOP-09/2013

2. Project entitled “Charge transfer and ionization processes in atoms or ions by the impact of charged particle”. Name of the funding agency: CSIR
Ref. No.: 03 (1184)/10/EMR-II (On going, w.e.f 11.01.2011).

3. Project entitled “Classical/Quantum correspondence in state selective charge transfer, ionization and x-ray emission reactions involving highly charged ion-atom/ion-ion interactions”.
Name of the funding agency: University Grants Commission (UGC)
Ref. No.: F 38-176/2009 (SR) (Major Research Project) (Final report submitted on April, 2013).

New research proposal submitted in 2013
1. Title: Four-body model for transfer, transfer-excitation and transfer-ionization in fast ion-atom/ion collisions (UGC, New Delhi)
2. Interference and diffraction in fast bare ions colliding with atoms/molecules (CSIR, New Delhi)

Name of Ph.D Students:
1. Sutapa Ghosh, Ph.D awarded in 2010 (Reg. No.: D-7/SC/542/10 at Jadavpur University)
2. Rakesh Samanta, ongoing from February, 2010. (Reg. No.: D-7/SC/359/11 at Jadavpur University) (Thesis submitted on 13.11.2013).
3.Sujoy Jana, ongoing from April, 2011. (Reg.No.: D-7/SC/251/12 at Jadavpur University).

List of paper published (from 2010 to onward):
1. Double charge transfer cross sections in collision of protons with helium atom→ S.Ghosh, A.Dhara, M Purkait and C.R.Mandal → Ind. J. Phys. 84 231 (2010).
2. State-selective charge transfer in ion-ion interaction at intermediate and high energies→ R Samanta, M Purkait and C.R.Mandal →Phys. Scr. 82 065303 (2010).
3. Single-electron capture processes in collisions of He2+, Liq+ (q=1,2,3), C6+ and O8+ ions with helium→ R Samanta, M Purkait and C.R.Mandal → Phys.Rev.A 83, 032706 (2011).
4. Electron capture by fast protons from helium like ions→ R. Samanta and M.Purkait → Eur. Phys. J. D 64, 311 (2011).
5. Single-electron capture from helium by fast protons→ R. Samanta and M. Purkait→ Phys. Scr. 84, 065301 (2011).
6. Single-electron capture from hydrogen like atomic systems→ R. Samanta, S. Jana, C. R. Mandal and M. Purkait→ Phys. Rev. A 85, 032714 (2012).
7. Electron capture by hydrogen like projectile ions from ground state atomic hydrogen→ S. Jana, R. Samanta and M. Purkait→ Nucl. Instr. and Meth. in Phys.Res.B. 285, 37 (2012).
8. Electron capture and ionization in collisions of multi-charged neon ions with ground state hydrogen and helium→ R. Samanta, S. Jana, S. Ghosh, M. Purkait and C. R. Mandal → (Indian J. Phys. 86, 503 (2012)).
9. Angular distribution of electron emission from atomic hydrogen by bare ion impact→ S Jana, R Samanta and M Purkait→ Eur. Phys. J. D 66, 243 (2012).
10. Classical simulation of single-electron capture and ionization in ion-atom interaction at intermediate energies→ S Jana, R Samanta and M Purkait→ Indian J. Phys. 87(10), 963 (2013).
11. Double-differential cross sections for single ionization of helium by bare ion impact→S. Jana, R. Samanta and M. Purkait → Phys. Scr. 88, 055301 (2013).
12. Projectile angular-differential cross sections for transfer and transfer-excitation in α-helium collision→ S. Jana and M. Purkait → (Submitted to Indian. Journal of Physics, 2013 →Ref. No.: INJP-D-13-00312) (Minor revision, 2013).

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2. Dr. Sourav Chattopadhya, Dept. of Physics

Ph.D Student working under him:
i) Mr. Amalendu Bera continuing Research as a Project Assistant
ii) List of Research project ongoing
Title of the project: Study of magnetic oxide semiconductor quantum dot array for spin polarized light emitting diode".
Name of the Funding Agency:SERB (DST),Ref. No. YSS/2014/000509

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3. Dr. Jagadish Mahato, Dept. of Physics

Published paper: “Real-time investigation of the effect of thermal expansion coefficient mismatch on film-substrate strain portioning in Ag/Si systems”. D Das, N Banu, B Bisi, J C Mahato, V Srihari, R Halder, B N Dev Journal of Applied Physics 120 (13), 135301, 2016


Department of Mathematics

1. Dr. Nurul Islam

Focussed on the following:

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos:

My current area of  research in nonlinear dynamics is mainly chaos and its control, with special emphasis on chaos synchronization. It is a relatively fresh concept that has received much attention over the last two decades. A surprising feature is the possibility of acheiving synchrony between two chaotic systems which are both extremely sensitive to initial conditions. As a result, the problems considered have wide ranging applicability from secure communication to cryptography, networking to robotics. Extending the methods of control theory into the field of synchronization is a challenging area of active research where my interest has been concentrated over the last few years.I  have also worked on the control of biological phenomenon – the dynamics of operon systems, to be precise- which have both practical importance and theortical value.

Travelling Wave Solutions of partial differential equations provide us with exact wave-like solutions for PDEs that elude other available methods of treatment or solution. My interest lies at the interface of travelling wave solutions and dynamical systems. Using the techniques of dynamical systems theory, the asymptotic behaviour of travelling wave solutions can be understood quite easily. This elegant approach adds much to our understanding of the solutions of various PDEs.

Fluid Dynamics :

I have also worked on different areas of fluid dynamics, with specialisation in turbulence. Lately, I have worked on Magnetohydrodynamics or MHD flow. The equations governing the flow of viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting fluids are highly non-linear. Thus, their analytical solutions are tough to find. My research focused on the use of symmetry groups or transformation groups to make these equations tractable.

Digital Image Watermarking :

Digital water marking is a promising candidate for protecting the copyright of digital multimedia contents. So work in this field has both applicability and theoretical importance. The existing conventional watermarking strategies are developed on the perspective of non-real-time systems. They are generally not fit for hardware implementation and are much slower in their approach. Hence my area of work focuses on developing real time embedded systems for the same. I had undertaken an UGC Minor Research Project, alongwith Prof. Subir Kumar Sarkar,  Dept. of Electronics & Tele comm. Engineering, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, on the same topic. The project was titled : “Real Time embedded system for Digital Image watermarking for   Application in forensic investigation”. ( UGC Approval No.  : F.PSW-041/08-09(ERO), Date : 12.12.2008)

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Book Translated
Antaheener Antarzami: Bengali translation of Srinivasa Ramanujan’s biography “The Man Who Knew Infinity” by Robert Kannigel, upon being commissioned by the National Committee for Celebrating 125th Birth Anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan. The book contains an “Addendum” part, which is an original contribution and which is being translated in nine other Indian languages too. The book is being published by National Book Trust.

Subtitle Translated
Translated the subtitles of the mathematical animation film CHAOS (with French voice over) into Bengali. The film has been made by Prof. Etienne Ghys of Ecole Normale Superiere of France, Jos Leys and Aurelian Alvarez. It can be seen at the site

Other Articles
• Contributed an article entitled “Concept of SUNYA in Indian Antiquity” in the souvenir published by BITM, Kolkata on the occasion of National Science Seminar, 2012 over the theme Mathematics in India: Past, Present and Future.
• Contributed an article in Bengali entitled “Ganit Bheeti – Karon o Pratikar” in Adhunik Ganit Anwesha, December 2012 issue, a special volume commemorating National Year of Mathematics.

Lectures Delivered
1. Gave a talk on Srinivasa Ramanujan : Life and Work, based on the Book Antaheener Antarzami, at Belur Vidyamandira on 22nd September, 2012.
2. Gave a talk on Srinivasa Ramanujan : Life and Work, based on the Book Antaheener Antarzami, at Gurudas College on 12th October, 2012.
3. Gave an enrichment lecture on “Constructibility” at the Jadavpur University (Triguna Sen Memorial Auditorium) during a DST (Govt. of India)-INSPIRE Internship Science Camp 2012, for motivated students of class XI, on 2nd November, 2012.
4. Gave a talk on S. Ramanujan on 24th December, 2012 at Bose Institute (Main Campus), during a conference on “Impact of Ramanujan’s Contributions in Recent Trends of Mathematical Sciences (IRCMS – 2012)” organized by Indian Society of Non-Linear Analysts (ISNA) and Department of Physics, Jadavpur University jointly.

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Department of Computer Science

1. Swami Bhudevananda was invited by International Learning Center; Ryerson University to present a paper entitled “Application of Data Compression to Data Encryption” at International Arts and Science Conference (IJAS, 2012) at Toronto, Canada on May 21- 24, 2012.
2. Professor Siddhartha Banerjee was invited by International IT Conference and Exibition(CUBE 2012) to present a paper entitled “Segmentation of Three Phase Micrograph – An Automated Approach” at Pune on September 3-4, 2012.

List of Publications:

1. Swami Bhudevananda:
Swami Bhudevananda, Saptarshi Naskar, Subir Sarkar, Application of Data Compression to Data Encryption, International Journal of Arts & Sciences’ Conference, IJAS 2012.

2. Siddhartha Banerjee:
Siddhartha Banerjee, Biplab Paul, Subhabrata Datta, Sanjoy Kumar Saha, Segmentation of Three Phase Micrograph – An Automated Approach, International Information Technology Conference and Exhibition, CUBE 2012.

pdf document

3. Bibek Ranjan Ghosh:
a.“Automated System for Detection of White Blood Cells in Human Blood Sample”, Siddhartha Banerjee, Bibek Ranjan Ghosh, Surajit Giri and Dipayan Ghosh, 1st International Conference on Smart Computing and Informatics (SCI-2017).

4. Surajit Giri:
a.“Automated System for Detection of White Blood Cells in Human Blood Sample”, Siddhartha Banerjee, Bibek Ranjan Ghosh, Surajit Giri and Dipayan Ghosh, 1st International Conference on Smart Computing and Informatics (SCI-2017).


Department of Statistics

1. Parthasarathi Chakrabarti, a faculty member of Department of Statistics, published a paper titled 'Single contrast tests for detecting trends in binomial proportions' in the Journal of the Korean Statistical Society.

2. Sankha Bhattacharya, a faculty member of Department of Statistics, presented a paper titled "'Asymptotic Distribution of the Estimated Parameters in an ARMA(p,q) Process with Mixing Innovations" in the 'Young Statisticians Meet an International Conference', held in Burdwan University, West Bengal.


Department of Economics

1. Prof.Apurba Ghosh continues to be on the faculty of I-Create Foundation/NFTE(USA),an organization working towards youth entrepreneurship development in India.

2. Prof. Parthapratim Bandyopadhaya has translated T.S.Eliot’s Old Possum’s Tale of Pussy Cats into Bengali entitled “Ghorel Buror Tukhor Beralder Punthi”. This is the first authorized translation of any of Eliot’s works.

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