1. How can I download the Admit Card?

Answer: Please read the instructions [point 2] carefully written at the beginning of the online application form. You can download the Admit Card from the following link submitting required information. Please see the screenshots below.

2. I submitted my Application Form along with photo and signature but couldn’t make payment.

Please read the instructions [point 2] carefully written at the beginning of the online application form. Go to the following page link and see the subject you have chosen earlier. On the right side you will get payment option.

3. I submitted the form but forgot to upload the signature and photo.

Please read the instructions [point 2] carefully written at the beginning of the online application form. Go to the following link page  and you can upload your signature and photo.

4. Can I change/rectify the Application Form once submitted?

Application form once submitted can’t be changed /rectified.

5. Though eligible for more than one subjects I applied for one subject only. Can I apply for more subjects later?

Yes. You can apply for more subjects afterwards within the stipulated date. Go to the following link page  and see the subject you are eligible for. You can once again select from here and make payment online.

6. Is Online Payment Receipt mandatory for Admission Test?

NO. On the day of the admission test you need to show Admit Card only.

7. Are you allowing calculator during the Admission Test?


8. My Present and Permanent Address are same.

Please write the same address in both the places.

9. I don’t belong to any of the Board you mentioned in your form.

In the form see the drop down menu under Name of the Board. Please select the option ‘Other’. Now you can write the name of the Board, Subjects and marks. Please see the screenshot:

10. I find it difficult to choose General subjects with honours.

Please read the Subject Combination [Point 7] in Admission Notification before choosing Honours and General subjects. Admission Notification will be available on the following page having link:

11. I will go to appear in the admission test alone. I need to carry the mobile but its written on the Admit that mobile is not allowed inside examination hall. Can I deposit it with someone at the College?

Mobile phone and other electronic gadgets are not allowed inside the exam hall. And there is no place where you can deposit the mobile. However, you may keep it inside your bag and leave the bag outside the hall but the authority is no way responsible for any loss.

12. Please tell me how much do I need to pay during Admission and what is the monthly fees.

At the time of Admission, Charges (including monthly fees for July 2018) payable (First Year, Session 2018-19) subject-wise are: Chemistry: Rs. 25,800/-; Physics, Computer Science: Rs. 25,300/-

Stat & Math: Rs. 23,300/-; English, History, Sanskrit, Economics: Rs. 21,300/-   Monthly Charges payable from August 2018: Rs. 2800/*- Annual Charges (Rs. 6000/*-) and Lab Charges (Subject specific*) to be paid at the beginning of Second Year and Third Year. *Subject to change

13. I don’t understand what are Admit no. and Application nos.

During filling up of form a student is provided with Admit no and application no. Say someone has applied for Physics and his Admit no is 2018PHUG00056 then his application no/form no is 56.

14. How shall I know that the institution has received the payment.

Once you make successful payment, they payment id will be displayed in your submitted application form. You can view your submitted online application from the link At the end of the application form you will find Application details where you will get transaction id against successful payment.

15. I forgot to upload father’s/guardian’s signature.

Father’s / Guardian’s signature is not required.

16. I want to see and take a printout of the submitted application form. You follow the given link and submit the required details to see your submitted application form.


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