1. 1. Book bank:

Students are issued a number of textbooks for a whole semester i.e. six months for studying in hostel which is known as ‘book bank’ issue.

  1. 2. Internet access:

At present, there are total 29 computers in the reading room with internet connectivity for the students. Students, even, sit for online examinations like JAM, IIT etc.

  1. 3. Printing:

The students are allowed to take print outs of their required information from the reading room.

  1. 4. Access to online resources (off campus):

The students can access e-journals and e-books from anywhere and anytime through N-List programme of INFLIBNET. They are assigned individual ids and passwords for this purpose.

  1. 5. Overdue reminder:

Recently this SMS alert service has been introduced by the library. This is to remind the defaulters about their overdue books via SMS.