Ramakrishna Mission Residential College (Autonomous), Narendrapur library has a large and rich collection of textbooks, curriculum enrichment materials, reference books, journals, magazines and other documents. At present, total number of books accessioned is approximately 88254. Total number of subscribed and purchased printed journals and magazines is 38. The library makes 6 newspapers accessible to the users for current affairs. In addition to the above, the library subscribes to the N-List programme of INFLIBNET wherein the users i.e. both students and staffs can access e-journals and e-books of different publishers or sponsoring bodies from anywhere and anytime. The users are provided with individual login ids and passwords for that purpose. The library has a comprehensive collection of religious books including Vedas, Gitas, Upanishadas, Mahabharata, books on Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, Sarada Devi, Sister Nivedita, and so on. A great percentage of the total collection is text books and curriculum enrichment materials to meet the need of the parent body i.e. the college.