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Dr. Prasanta Ghosh filed Patent Application

It is a moment of rare honor and immeasurable pleasure for this college to announce that Professor Prasanta Ghosh and his team of researchers of the Chemistry Department have filed patent application to the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade Marks under The Patents Act (39 of 1970) and The Patents Rules (2003) for their remarkable invention, 'NOVEL HYDRAZYL RADICAL AND INDOZOLO INDAZOLE DERIVATIVES.' These are bio-active molecules which shall have a radical impact in the domain of Pharmacology and Pharmacy.


Dr. Prasanta Ghosh filed Patent Application Dr. Prasanta Ghosh filed Patent Application
Dr. Prasanta Ghosh filed Patent Application Dr. Prasanta Ghosh filed Patent Application

This is a historic milestone the college has reached as it is for the first time that the institution has provisionally earned such a laurel from such a prestigious national accreditory specialist body in recognition of the path breaking research done by the teachers here. Professor Prasanta Ghosh and his team have demonstrated what cutting-edge intellect and an absolutely uncompromising yet humble dedication to the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence can achieve in this part of the postcolonial world where all forms of hindrances, insufficient resources and paucity of opportunities could be devastatingly backbreaking. Our teachers have silently laid down the formula of winning by dint of undying resolution and a grinding perseverance while working in an indigenously built small college laboratory. The college celebrates this glorious moment and expresses its gratitude and thankfulness to Prof. Ghosh and his team of the research unit who have helped them for making the college this proud. Their pioneering feat, no doubt, will inspire many more trailblazing works from the highly competent academic fraternity of this institution in the coming years.

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