General Departments

The General Departments, came into being in phases since 1960. Over a period of fifty years, these Departments have contributed, in no small measure, to the enrichment of the tradition of academic excellence of the College.

The subjects taught by the faculty members of the General Departments belong to Humanities and Social Sciences. All these subjects are taught only upto General level as subsidiaries of the Honours Programme. However, in special cases, the Departments share the advanced facilities available with other Departments of the College.

All the faculty members of the General Depts. update themselves for discharging their teaching and research responsibilities by attending Orientation Programmes and Refresher Courses organized by the Administrative Staff College of the affiliating University and of the other Universities in India and also Seminars, Conferences, Workshops organized at Stte, National and International levels as well as such programmes organized at the College level.

The present faculty members of the General Departments pay their homage to those distinguished former teachers but for whom the college could not have attained its present stature. Their contributions to the well-being of the college in general and these Departments in particular will always be remembered gratefully. They are Dr. Shantimoy Shil (Political Science—retired from CU), Dr. Pradyot Banerjee (Sanskrit), (the Late) Dr. Ramendra Narayan Sarkar (Bengali), Dr. Gobinda Sarkar (Bengali), Dr. Prosit Roychoudhury (Bengali), and the Late Ananta Rana (Bengali), Sri Haran Bhattacharyya (Philosophy). In addition, some renowned teachers like Dr. Dipankar Sinha (Political Science, now in CU), Sri Ujjawal Choudhury (Political Science,. now in Symbiosis), Dr. Sanjit Kr. Sadhukhan (Sanskrit, now in RBU), Sri Prolayankar Bhattacharyya (Philosophy, now in CU) also deserve our respect and gratitude, for serving these Departments at different points of time.

Political Science

Faculty of Political Science

Photo Name & Qualification Telephone No. & Email ID
Full Time
Mr. Pulakesh Sarkar

Mr. Pulakesh Sarkar

M.A., M.Phil 

Guest Faculties

Mr. Achintyam Chatterjee



Board of Studies




Faculty of Bengali

Photo Name & Qualification Telephone No. & Email ID
Sri Pranab Kumar Sarkar

Mr. Pranab Kumar Sarkar 

M.A., M.Phil

Dr. Sekhar Roy

Dr. Sekhar Ray 

M.A.,M.Phill, Ph.D ​


Board of Studies




Faculty of Philosophy

Photo Name & Qualification Telephone No. & Email ID
Mr. Satanu Bhatt

Mr. Santanu Bhat 

M.A., M.Phil



Board of Studies




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